Scaling and Root Planing
Rendered image of teeth getting root planing at Star City Dental in Lincoln, NEScaling and root planing is a conservative dental procedure that is performed to remove hardened plaque, called calculus, from your teeth and mouth. Commonly, it is also known as deep cleaning. At Star City Dental, scaling and root planing is the first treatment performed to fight active periodontal disease.

When is Scaling and Root Planing Recommended?

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease of the gums that can have detrimental effects on the gums, bones, teeth, ligaments, and other tissues in the oral cavity.
If you are not diligent when it comes to your dental health hygiene and do not keep routine checkup appointments with us, you will fail to completely remove the yellow biofilm called dental plaque from your mouth. This plaque can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that produce acid. When these bacteria spread to the gum, your gums will become inflamed, tender, red, and swollen.
If gum disease is diagnosed in its early stages, it can be treated effectively and its damage is reversible. However, if the gum disease is allowed to go untreated, it will become aggressive. Your gums will become painful and inflamed and retreat from your teeth, exposing your vulnerable tooth root. In addition, your gums’ attachment to your teeth will become loose, resulting in the formation of deep periodontal pockets.

These pockets will harbor the accumulated tartar and allow them to spread deeper. Chronic untreated periodontitis is characterized by red and bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Damage at this point is often irreversible but the disease can still be treated. If it is treated, you may end up losing your teeth. The first action against active periodontal disease is a non-surgical procedure called scaling and root planing, which is the first procedure that Dr. Melanie Fulton and Dr. Meghan Hungerford will perform on your teeth.

What Does a Scaling and Root Planing Procedure Involve?

Scaling and root planing involves the removal of the hardened calculus from your tooth root and beneath the gum line, ensuring your teeth do not attract bacteria again. The procedure is performed in various steps:
•  In the first step, Dr. Melanie Fulton and Dr. Meghan Hungerford will administer local anesthesia to numb your gums.
•  They will then remove the plaque from your gums and teeth using an ultrasonic equipment that shakes loose the larger pieces of calculus. We will also use fine and pointed instruments called scalers to scrape off the stubborn bits of plaque from your teeth and gumline.
•  We will also remove the damaged cementum, which is a calcified film that covers the tooth root and also remove a thin superficial layer of dentin, the yellowish layer beneath the enamel. This will make your tooth roots smooth and prevent bacteria from adhering to it.
•  We will then flush out the tooth debris with water and antimicrobial rinse. In some cases, we will place tiny time-release antibacterial medicine inside the gum pockets to fight against any lingering infection and to prevent future infection.
•  The gums are allowed to heal. After a few days your gums will stick tightly to your teeth and appear pink and firm.

Scaling and Root Planing Aftercare

After the procedure, your gums may feel irritated and swollen. They may also bleed a bit and you may also experience some tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food. However, these discomforts will resolve themselves in a few days.

After the treatment, it is necessary that you practice good oral hygiene to prevent the reemergence of periodontitis. At Star City Dental, Dr. Meghan Hungerford and Dr. Melanie Fulton may recommend you come in after every two to four months for a periodontal maintenance appointment, which will involve assessing the health of your gums and gum pocket measurement. Periodontitis is a chronic disease and can cause irreparable harm to your mouth, resulting in the loss of teeth. In addition, it may spread the infection to other areas of your body. In fact, certain conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes have been linked with periodontitis. Hence, if you suspect you have periodontal disease, do not delay treatment. Call us today at (402) 858-0525 to schedule a consultation with us.

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