Root Canals

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootHere at Star City Dental we are always focused on saving your natural tooth instead of having to extract it. The root canal is one of the procedures that our endodontists use to try and save your natural tooth. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is a quick and comfortable procedure that will ensure you do not have to deal with toothaches anymore.

A root canal is a procedure that repairs a tooth that has been severely eaten away by tooth decay. Such a tooth is likely to be causing intense toothaches. Many people opt to get it extracted, not knowing that it can be salvaged. A root canal involves removing the infected pulp of the tooth. The pulp is a soft tissue found inside a tooth and mainly consist of nerves and blood vessels.

The Root Canals Procedure

There are many advantages of saving the natural tooth using the root canal procedure. As mentioned above, the procedure is mostly painless. It is conducted under anesthesia or sedation. You may have to deal with a little bit of discomfort later when the sedation wears off, but it should be nothing you cannot handle. It should not last long either.

The root canal procedure allows you to keep your natural tooth, and keep it functioning properly. First, an adult tooth remains strong and functional even after the pulp has been removed. The removal of the pulp eliminates the pains and leaves your tooth strongly rooted in the jaw. You can use the tooth to chew just like before. The tooth also maintains its sensation and bite force.

Keeping your natural tooth helps maintain a natural appearance. Nobody wants to be walking around with tooth gaps, and some prosthetic options are never quite ideal. Avoiding tooth extraction also ensures your other teeth are protected from strain and misalignment. The space left when a tooth has been extracted causes the other teeth on the jaw to become misaligned.

As already mentioned, the root canal procedure is a simple and straightforward process. Our dentists usually complete the procedure in not more than two appointments. The cavity left after the root canal procedure can be filled up using dental fillings or inlays & onlays. These help to strengthen the tooth and ensure it can function normally.

When Do You Need Root Canal?

Apart from tooth decay, root canal procedure can be done to solve issues of tooth sensitivity. As mentioned above, the pulp carries nerves and blood vessels. The removal of these nerves can help eliminate the sensitivity while maintaining the structural integrity of the tooth. The nerves are what causes these sensations, and when your dentin is too thin, the only option is to get the pulp removed. Other reasons to consider getting a root canal procedure done include pimples on the gums, swollen and tender gums, chipped or cracked teeth, and severe pain while biting or chewing.

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