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Female patient of Star City Dental in Lincoln with perfect skinStar City Dental is thrilled to offer new procedures specifically, focusing on natural approaches to our anti-aging regenerative treatments. Star City Dental now offers an all-natural rejuvenation procedure through the program CARE Esthetics. This procedure uses a combination of platelet concentrates (PRF) and laser therapy. Dentists commonly use PRF for increased wound healing post-dental surgery, but patients may not be aware of the cosmetic boost we can help you achieve using the same practice. At Star City Dental, we offer Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment as a natural alternative to Botox and Dermal Fillers. Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a technology that uses your body’s natural, powerful healing proteins and concentrated growth factors found within the blood to rejuvenate skin, treat hair loss, and speed recovery. PRF is three times more effective than the previous generation of PRP.

What Is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

PRF encourages the production of collagen, treats acne scarring, rejuvenates skin, stimulates hair growth, removes fine wrinkles, and tightens loose skin — all within the power of a simple blood draw.

How it works:
1.  The blood is drawn from the patient.
2.  We place this vial in a centrifuge that rapidly spins it.
3.  Following the various spin cycles, PRF injections and microneedling may then be utilized to infuse facial tissues and hair follicles with regenerative growth factors and cells that stimulate repair, and rejuvenate damaged areas within the body.
4.  Since no additives are used, it forms a "super" blood clot with significantly elevated concentrations of regenerative cells and growth factors capable of stimulating healing.
5.  This then results in facial aesthetics that reduce the signs of aging, help with scar tissue, and can help reduce acne scarring.

These treatments can improve the look of your skin, remove blemishes, promote hair follicle growth, and help you look younger - similar to other chemical treatments. We invite you to learn more about this technologically advanced procedure that begins and ends with your own platelets for safe and effective treatment in improving skin.

Benefits of PRF Treatment:

•  Collagen Production: With age comes a loss of elasticity in our skin and it begins to sag or droop. You can rebuild and tighten the skin through increasing collagen production helping you have a more youthful look.
•  Reduce Acne Scars: Cell regeneration can help smooth the scars left behind from acne, improving your skin.
•  Removes fine wrinkles and tightens skin: Crows feet and lines around your mouth and forehead can become smooth through collagen production while tightening skin.
•  Promote New Hair Growth: Platelet Rich Plasma injections are a safe and effective treatment in reversing hair loss and activating new hair growth.
•  Minimally invasive.
•  Downtime of less than 24 hours.
•  Improves skin texture and tone.
•  No chemicals or additives!

For more detailed information on procedures, please visit https://care-esthetics.com/.

Simple, Effective, and 100% Natural

Increasingly, patients are seeking less Botox/Dermal Fillers and looking for simple, all natural alternatives. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our office at (402) 858-0525.

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At Star City Dental, we offer Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment as a natural alternative to Botox and Dermal Fillers. For more information, call today!
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