Dentures: Complete & Partials - What are Dentures?

Rendering of removable partial dentureWe at Star City Dental can help you decide which dentures are best for your needs. Dentures are removable prosthetic devices made either of metal or plastic that hold artificial teeth. Dentures can either be complete or partial for people who have either no teeth or have missing teeth they’d like for the dentures to cover.

Why use Dentures?

Dentures are generally more convenient for those who have missing teeth. They are also good for those who don’t want to go through having dental implants which require invasive surgery, and are more expensive and time-consuming, even though they offer a more permanent solution to missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

These are meant for someone with no teeth at all, either for one or both upper and lower jaws. These are attached to the jaw by dental glue. Complete dentures are generally made from plastic as there is no support from any hard points on the jaws.

Partial Dentures

We recommend these to clients who have some missing teeth on either or on both their upper and lower jaws. They can be made by a metal frame, or more recently a plastic frame. These generally clasp onto other existing teeth to provide a stable biting platform.

Materials Used

Complete and partial dentures are usually made from acrylic plastics since they are very easy to form and also mimic the look, texture, and softness of both the teeth and gums. That can be done by choosing various fibrous materials and colors, and they can be further reinforced from within by other materials. There can be issues if the fit is poor as the plastics may rub and irritate the mucous membranes of the jaw.

For partial dentures, where they also use a frame to anchor onto other existing teeth, we can make the frame from metal. The weight strength ratio makes it ideal for support that is as unobtrusive as possible while providing everlasting support. Recent advances in digital technology allow us to use plastics as frames also. These are ideal for making the dentures seem even more natural, and are easier to form and adjust when we are fitting them for you. They also offer better bio-compatibility.

Keeping Them In

Complete dentures are fixed to the palate of the upper and lower jaw by means of either suction of the dentures to those inner surfaces, or dental paste in some cases. Partial dentures are affixed to and snap onto the patient’s remaining teeth for support, and also to protect and reinforce the remaining teeth to ensure they won’t be damaged or fall out of alignment. The fit usually depends on how well the dentures are contoured to the user’s upper/lower jaw.

It is important to realize that the inner surfaces of the upper and lower jaw may change over time, so while the dentures themselves last a long time, one can visit us to consult whether the dentures need re-contouring or adjustment to achieve the best fit.

If you want to book an appointment with us or if you have any other questions regarding our dental dentures, call us Star City Dental at (402) 858-0525 today!

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