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Dr. Hungerford and kid at star city dentalOral health care is important for people of all ages. Here at Star City Dental, we find that starting kids on the path to good oral habits early on helps set an excellent precedent that will augur well for their future overall health. Even for little children who still have temporary teeth, it is advisable to have them attend regular checkups. How they handle the care of their temporary teeth will have a strong impact on what will happen with the permanent ones.

Why Start Early

Our pediatric dentists have gone through an additional two years of training. This makes us well prepared and knowledgeable in children’s oral health issues. This is a developmental phase that adults will have already gotten past but is still important in forming the base for a child’s oral health.

The emotional impact cannot be understated. From cartoons to adult behavior, a visit to the dentist can seem like a very scary event. Our team is well trained in handling these anxieties and will make the visit as comfortable as possible. We understand the importance of having a child enjoy a positive experience as it will encourage them to pay more attention when being taught about good oral habits.

Certain typical habits displayed by children can harm teeth. From thumb sucking to eating candy before bed, they can result in serious damage that would take costly restorative treatments to fix. Regular visits to our pediatric dentist can help to reinforce better behavior and discourage the bad.

Early developmental and growth exams can help ensure that the teeth, gums, jaws and craniofacial structure o your child is progressing as it should. Any problems can be more easily and quickly fixed at this early age than when they are adults.

Tips for Your Child’s First Visit

We do recommend that you make your child's first appointment within 6 months of the first tooth's eruption. This typically occurs somewhere between the ages of 12-18 months. At this age, the child will not be able to learn any cleaning habits, but we can advise you on how to take care of your child's teeth to prevent common caries. Do not be embarrassed if your child starts crying. Just as with other medical professionals, our pediatric dentist understands this is age-appropriate behavior.

For children that have reached toddler age or have started school, a dental exam will be carried out and possible cleaning and fluoride treatment done. We will go over oral hygiene practices with your child and help them pick out a toothbrush. Just as with adults, we recommend twice-annual checkups for children with healthy teeth and more frequent visits for those with periodontal or orthodontic challenges.

To help in this cause, we do advise parents to give a positive spin to visits to our dentists. The more casual and at ease you are when talking about it, the less anxiety your child will have. During exams and consultations, do try to play a passive role and allow our dentist to lead the conversation with your child. If you draw their attention away, it breaks their focus and they may not place as much importance to what is said.

To make your child’s first dental appointment a pleasant experience, come to us. Call Star City Dental at (402) 858-0525 today and let us help set the foundation of good oral health for your child.

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Here at Star City Dental, we find that starting kids on the path to good oral habits early on helps set an excellent precedent. Call to learn more today!
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