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Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on toothFor those on the lookout for good quality veneers, Star City Dental is the place to go to. Veneers, by definition, are materials layered over a tooth. Most of the time, they are made of porcelain, but composite materials are also used sometimes. Veneers are thin layers placed over the surface of the tooth and are used by patients who wish to improve their teeth’s overall aesthetic appeal or to protect teeth from any damage. Whether you have misshapen or chipped teeth, or simply want to correct stained teeth, our clinic can help you achieve the pearly whites you desire.

Porcelain is the most common material for veneers. Dental porcelain (also called dental ceramic) is favored for veneers as it is proven to be biocompatible, insoluble, and hard enough to replicate the same properties for an actual tooth. Porcelain material can only be indirectly fabricated on the patient’s teeth as opposed to a composite material which can be either directly or indirectly placed. Furthermore, composite veneer material is often used for younger patients who will need to have these temporary veneers checked, updated, and replaced with a more permanent porcelain one.

Veneer Advantages

Veneers are often irreversible and, as such, anyone who wishes to get this treatment must be fully aware of the procedure and purpose of undergoing it. People who wish to get veneers may do so because of the need to correct any dental issue such as small gaps, chipped teeth, or minor misalignment of the teeth. Veneers effectively cover a tooth’s broken part and are applied to protect it from further chipping or damage. For minor gaps, it is also used to cover the surface when braces are not applicable.

Meanwhile, veneers are also becoming popular for their cosmetic purpose. It is a great way to improve the tooth’s aesthetic appearance, especially in its color or shape. Stained teeth or discolored teeth can now be covered by veneers, which are expertly matched to follow the color of the surrounding teeth (or get the closest, most natural shade of the tooth). It is also a good way for teeth to appear healthy.

Veneer Application

Veneers are great ways to enhance one’s smile, and the procedure is also as painless as far as dental procedures go. Typically, having veneers would take two visits to our clinic. The first visit is dedicated to consulting with our dentists, then matching the veneers to the right shade and size. The second visit is for fitting and final fabrication to the teeth.

On the actual application of the veneers, patients with lower pain tolerance can request that our dentist administer local anesthesia. However, some patients can go through the whole session without it. Once the veneer arrives from our technicians, the mold is prepared. Outer enamel or parts of the tooth may be removed to make room for the veneer. Bonding of the mold includes using a specialized adhesive which is used together with cement to make the veneer fit the contour of the teeth. Afterward, the veneer is light-cured for a minute to ensure good quality fit and bond. Our veneers are of top quality and fabricated with expert practice and procedure so you can count on them to last many years.

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For those on the lookout for good-quality veneers, Star City Dental is the place to go. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation. We are here to help!
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