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Dental sealants are a preventive treatment we offer to serve as a barrier between areas of a tooth that are more susceptible to decay and bacteria. At Star City Dental, we see the work we do in three categories, the first and primary care we offer is to provide our patients with the education and tools they need to be successful in obtaining and maintaining oral health. Dental sealants fall under this primary category of prevention. We are trained and ready to repair and restore damage when it occurs, but if we can help our patients prevent damage, it is our first goal.

What Are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a resin blend that when placed, will serve as a shield separating the tooth from potential decay causing bacteria. There are spots on our teeth that are more susceptible to decay, this can include deep grooves, and thin spaces that can’t be easily brushed. We recognize that some of our patients are unable to keep these areas adequately clean of debris, so we take the preventive step to seal those areas and protect them.

Most often, sealants are applied to molars, and premolars, specifically in areas where there are deep grooves and fissures that are difficult to clean. Studies have found that by protecting these more vulnerable areas, we are able to reduce the incidence of cavities developing by 80%. In fact, many adolescent patients with sealants are reaching adulthood without ever experiencing a cavity. This level of teamwork, including the efforts put forth by their parents to remind children about brushing, will mean these new generations of children will have healthier teeth longer.

Dental health has taken huge leaps forward in both understanding and resources. We are able to provide your child with exceptional care that will transfer to their long term oral health and also their long term overall health. Increasingly, we have come to realize the connection between oral health and overall health. If we can help your child not suffer from infection and decay, it can mean better health for their entire body. Dental sealants provide our patients a protection from harmful bacteria.

Who Qualifies For Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants can be applied to any patient with trouble spots in their teeth. As a whole, we also recommend dental sealants for all of our adolescent aged patients. This is because we recognize that as a whole, kids are still learning how to properly care for their teeth and gums. Applying sealants will offer them an additional layer of protection while they are learning.

In general, we recommend sealants in all of our adolescent aged patients as soon as their molars and premolars erupt above the gumline. This is to safeguard your child’s oral health in the immediate, and establish a strong foundation that will follow them into adulthood.

Application Of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are applied following a thorough dental cleaning of the teeth and gums. We will then use a specialized paste along with a rotary brush. With the tooth, or teeth, clean and dry, we then use an acidic solution to lightly roughen the area. This roughening will help the sealant adhere better to the surface of the tooth. The sealant is painted on with a brush in liquid form. This entire process is painless and doesn’t require any sort of anesthetic or sedation. Finally, we apply an ultraviolet curing light to harden the sealant material in place.

Dental sealants are a fantastic resource for protecting your most vulnerable spots in your teeth. Sealants can protect a tooth from decay for upwards of ten years, though we will check their status at every dental checkup and may reapply as needed.

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