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Dentist examining little girls teeth at Star City DentalHere at Star City Dental, we highly recommend that our patients attend dental exams twice a year. Preserving a natural smile is the ultimate goal in dentistry. Healthy natural teeth that are supported by healthy gums are the ideal outcome. This is best achieved through regular checkups, a healthy diet, and good oral hygiene habits.

Despite a person’s best efforts however, some problems may still occur, but when treated at the earliest stage, can allow for quick and easy restoration. Exams help catch problems early on when it is least painful and least expensive to repair. When in the hands of one of our highly trained dentists, you can be assured of having any faults picked up on early, and treated effectively.

Why Regular Exams Matter

There is a myriad of oral health problems, which can be hinted at during an exam. From tooth decay that may require a simple filling, to gum disease that can result in periodontitis. Regular exams provide a chance to identify the early symptoms of these problems and treat them before there is any risk of tooth loss or other health problems.

Exams are also used to carry out oral cancer screenings. Just as with other cancers, the best chances of making a full recovery depend on early diagnosis. During exams, pre-cancerous conditions like red and white sores, lumps, tenderness, and difficulty moving the jaw are checked on to determine if further diagnostic measures should be carried out.

For young children, exams are important in ensuring proper progress in tooth development. Regular checks will help to promote their good oral habits and remove the fear many associates with visiting the dentist. Problems such as misalignment in the bite are easily corrected just as the permanent teeth are coming in. Dealing with such concerns early will be better for the child's oral health in the future and their self-confidence.

The Exam Procedure

When we conduct exams, our dentist will begin with a review of your medical history. This means checking on your file to see if there are any problems previously noted that need to be checked on, and questioning you on any health concerns that may have arisen since your last visit. Our dentist will then carry out a visual exam of your oral cavity with specialized instruments, including a focused light, and a small mirror.

All tooth surfaces are examined for cavities, staining, and the condition of any previous restoration work. This exam may be supported by diagnostic x-rays, which are the best for identifying areas of decay, misalignment, and other hidden problems.

Gums and supporting bone will also be examined to ensure that periodontal disease is not developing. Using a gloved finger, our dentist will also probe soft tissue areas like the cheek, tongue, and neck for any oral cancer symptoms.

After the initial exam, and if no problems are detected, our team will proceed with a professional cleaning. Even with healthy teeth, there is often some buildup of plaque. This requires professional attention to get rid of. If there is serious buildup, a deep cleaning may be required to dig into pockets of buildup within the gumline. This is then finished off with teeth polishing that removes surface stains and leaves you with a brighter smile.

To have your next dental exam carried out by a devoted team of professionals eager to help restore your smile, visit our clinic. Call us, Star City Dental at (402) 858-0525 today and make your appointment.

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Here at Star City Dental, we highly recommend that our patients attend dental exams twice a year. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with us!
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