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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge from Star City DentalDental bridges are either a pair or more of dental crowns linked together, used to literally “bridge” a gap of consecutively missing or damaged teeth using the nearest teeth to act as a support. We at Star City Dental are experts when it comes to fitting dental bridges for you. There are different types of bridges to choose from:

Traditional Bridge

The most commonly used type, a traditional bridge will use the two nearest natural teeth on either side of the affected area to act as an abutment to support the bridge. The abutment teeth will need to be crowned to have the bridge cemented on top of them

Cantilever Bridge

This type of bridge is used when there is only one natural tooth that can act as the abutment tooth, for example, when the affected area is at the back of the jaw.

Maryland dental bridge

This type of bridge doesn’t use crowns to attach the abutment teeth to the bridge. Instead, the bridge is attached at the back of the abutment teeth using a framework of either metal or porcelain.

Implant-supported bridge

Instead of using natural teeth, the bridge is attached to dental implants. This type of bridge will require two procedures - one to insert the implants, and another to attach the bridge. This is regarded as the strongest type of bridge.


In the first step in getting a dental bridge, we will determine the best arrangement and type of bridge for you to use. Depending on the type of bridge used, the abutment teeth will be prepared on your first visit. For the traditional and cantilever bridges, the abutment teeth will have some enamel removed to receive the crown or crowns attached to the bridge. Next, we will provide a temporary bridge to protect the affected area while the permanent bridge will be modeled as close to your missing or affected teeth as possible. Usually, we will make sure of the bridge’s fit by checking your bite and studying your other teeth.


A dental bridge can be made with some materials, depending on your budget. The materials include the following: Metallic alloy, which are nobel/high-nobel metal alloys such as gold, or base metal alloys such as nickel-chromium. Non-metal based. These are often either resin veneered, while ceramics are also often used.

Dental Bridges Vs Dental Implants

The reason dental bridges are more often chosen over dental implants is usually because of cost and surgical invasiveness. While dental implants are a more permanent solution, they usually need invasive surgery, are time-consuming, and more expensive. A dental bridge only requires shaping of the abutment teeth in preparation to receive the bridge and the time and effort needed to have the bridge modeled to you the patient. Also, dental implants may be impossible if the jawbone is affected in any way since implants need healthy bone to remain anchored.

If you want to book an appointment with us or if you have any other questions regarding our dental bridges, call us Star City Dental at (402) 858-0525 today!

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Dental bridges from Star City Dental are a series of crowns linked together to bridge a gap of missing or damaged teeth. Give our office a call today!
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