Can You Do Damage To Your Teeth By Over Brushing?

Posted on 11/30/2019 by Lincoln
Can You Do Damage To Your Teeth By Over Brushing?People that are conscientious about their oral hygiene will often brush their teeth at least twice every day.

This can often be done after your meals and when you are going to bed. However, the question of over brushing does come into play. Is over brushing really a thing and how does it affect one's teeth?

Toothbrush Abrasion

Most people think of teeth being as strong as bone. Although in most cases it might be true, the tooth is often covered by a substance that can be eroded. According to the Ireland Dental Health Foundation, abrasion is defined as the loss of the enamel and cementum because of mechanical forces.

One of the most common signs of abrasion is notching of the area where the root and the tooth meet is one sign that maybe you are over brushing the teeth. Even more so when you are using a toothbrush with hard bristles while doing this, you will likely bring about a lot of tooth abrasion over time. Since this is a daily practice, the body will not have enough time to replace the enamel that has been washed away.

Gum Recession

Another consequence of over brushing is that gums will tend to recede. Since cementum is softer than enamel, it often tends to get notched and worn away when there is a little too much brushing going on. In such a case, you might find that you experience pain in the gums and sensitivity, which can cause a lot of discomfort when consuming your favorite foods.

Tooth Sensitivity

When you brush your teeth multiple times a day, every day, the resulting enamel erosion causes the nerve endings found in the dentin to get exposed. In some cases, even if there isn't actual exposure, enough of the enamel is eroded that it's close enough to bring about acute sensitivity. This sensitivity can be quite serious because even cold air, cold drinks and food become a problem.

Although brushing our teeth is highly recommended, it's important to not only do it in the right way, but to also take care of overdoing it. When you that, you not only make sure your mouth is clean, but also ensure that your teeth's integrity doesn't come apart.

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