Can You Blame Your Tongue for Your Bad Breath?

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Lincoln
Can You Blame Your Tongue for Your Bad Breath?Every person has experienced lousy breath before. While you cannot be able to know whether you have bad breath or not, there are occasions when you can taste it.

Many people tend to think that bad breath often comes from the consumption of certain foods or not brushing our teeth, which is sometimes true. One way that you can check to see whether you have bad breath or not is by checking on a mirror to see the exact color of your tongue.

Having a White Tongue

One of the significant signs of bad breath is a white tongue. This can happen from a wide variety of causes. Poor oral hygiene is one. Not correctly taking care of mouth means that you will often end up ending food particles stuck between your teeth. Bacteria tend to thrive in such an environment and thus will end up causing bad breath.

Dry mouth can also lead to white tongue. The lack of saliva in your mouth tends to prevent the ability of you to eliminate food particles. Bad breath may result from these particles. Some foods can lead to white tongue. Foods such as onion or garlic tends to result in bad breath. There are some medical conditions that can lead to bad breath as well.

Finally, while a white tongue can also result from overgrown papillae on a person's tongue. Dead cells and bacteria which lodge in between the papillae tend to cause the white coating. Other causes of white tongue include tobacco and alcohol use, dry mouth, fever, and poor oral care.

If you notice that you have a white tongue, then it's highly advisable to schedule a call with us. Upon your visit, we will properly examine your tongue and then provide a tailored approach keeping in mind your dental history.

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